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Greetings for the Day!! & God Bless.

It is with great delight that we wish to draw your kind attention to

the most distinctive and priceless possession- ‘The Miraculous Pearl

of Allah’.

Feeding The Shells

When asked “Why opened shells are thrown back into the sea?” A diver

replied, “Shell in deep waters feed on these splitted shells.” How

pearls originate?. “When it rains, shells float on the surface and

rain drops enter the shells…. Which later transform into pearls!”

Belgrave diaries

We are looking for the feasibility of the auction or private sale of this unique

Miraculous Pearl of Allah through your esteemed organization. This is

an exceptional Pearl with an inscription of “Allah” that is untouched

by human hands, a pure natural discovery.

This natural pearl was discovered in the khaleej sea waters of The Kingdom of Bahrain, with the word “Allah” scripted in Arabic.

The Pearl has been certified by

1)The Kingdom Of Bahrain – Ministry of Industry & Commerce – Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratory as a natural pearl.

2) Certified by Gia (USA) Lab & ssef Switzerland Lab.

 To exhibit ‘The Miracle of Allah Pearl’ both commercially and as a

priceless antique possession we have contrived it in the form of a

Pendant, where the pearl does not have a contact with any metal from

the top and is secured with 5 pearls. The pendant consists of 65.000

grams of 18k white gold studded with 424 diamonds of 3.74ct; 5

diamonds of 0.41ct; natural 5 pearls of it with a detachable

lock. This intricate designing itself took a long time to be

completed, as only the owner and the maker would be able to detach the

pearl from the pendant. We are sending the PowerPoint presentation

detailing the specification of the pearl.

Kindly find below the links to the press release of ‘The Miracle of

Allah Pearl’ -released from our side

1) استخرجت من المحار.. لؤلؤة تحمل اسم “الله” للبيع وتقدر بهذا الثمن


Please let us know your review and the procedures for auction or

private sale with your esteemed organization. If you need any further

clarifications and documents to validate the authenticity of the

pearl, kindly do get in touch with us.

Thank you for your time, and looking forward to your response.

Good Day.

Yours truly –Vijay Acharaya

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